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Government That Is Digitalised Will Make Business Easier


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Saluwa Smaoui, a top official of Microsoft , Middle - East and Africa , believes if the government of a country is digitally transformed, it would improve the ease of doing business therein.

Calling for a digitalised government in Nigeria, Smaoui made it known at the Digital Government Summit that was put together by Microsoft Nigeria in Abuja that the coming of new technologies, like Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things, is ready to create some exciting new opportunity for governments to better the manner they interact with citizens of the country.

She said Microsoft is hosting the summit for those in government, which will open doors for talks on how government can blend to the new digital landscape, and begin making do with new business models and technologies.

She also added that a government that is digitally transformed would improve the ease of doing business for small businesses in the country, and that the plan is to give officials all needed and necessary tools that will make them more productive.

The program would reveal Microsoft industry solutions for government and make do with some of its available technologies. She made it known that the Azure and Microsoft AI will be revealed, and that their effort is to encourage digital transformation across societies.

 In reality, AI in particular can be a very viable tool both in the way citizens of a country connect with their governments , and in the manner which the officials use data that translates into faster and nice choices that will be of great benefits to the country.

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