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Agriculture in Africa restructured by Cellulants Agrikore blockchain

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The smart digital financial service provider, Cellulant is transforming financial services provided to the African smallholder farmers and retailers in open markets across Africa , proving that financial technology is for everyone, through its Agrikore & Tingg blockchain based platform.

The Co-CEO, Cellulant, Bolaji Akinboro, during the just concluded Global Endeavor gala in New York City, emphasized the need for  economic opportunity and capital investments adding that they are critical to Cellulant’s  success in sub-Saharan Africa.

Bolaji Akinboro said that the business of agriculture is perceived to be  a charity organization. However, he  stressed that  agriculture  is a huge business and an opportunity to invest adding that he spent years building a digital ecosystem that involves all the stakeholders in agriculture.

He  highlighted some of the benefits associated with agriculture stressing that through agriculture, the company has been able to put up a payment technology capable of solving real-world problems.

He further noted that African agricultural sector is a $330Billion fragmented industry which is driven by cash,  and these cash has to be organized and digitalized. According to him, this digitisation will aid in the proper evaluation of the agricultural industry , thereby attracting more investor which will improve the growth of the industry.

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