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Dangote Expatiate Strategies To Innovate Gas&Oil Sector

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In recent times, the Dangote Group has been splashing a lot of money around refining, gas and fertiliser. Right now, the president of the firm Aliko Dangote has made known the reason for their interest in these sectors.

According to the billionaire, the investments were driven by the desire to bring efficiency into all that concerns the country's oil and gas sector.

Mr Aliko said this during the ongoing Nigeria International Petroleum Summit ( NIPS) , and he emphasized their interest in bringing innovation to the oil and gas sector.

Dangote was represented by Mr Ahmed Mansur, who addressed the participants of the event in Abuja yesterday.

He made known his principal's interest in bringing innovation to the industry via adding value to the hydrocarbon process .

According to Ahmed, the Group's passion can be clearly spotted in the building of the project, moving towards the paths of boosting the country's economy.

He stated that the Refinery can cater for the domestic needs of Nigerians in regards to liquid petroleum products.

Additional, he made known how the firm is trying to construct the biggest fertiliser plant in this part of the continent.

According to Mr Ahmed, they will be able to produce 3 . 0 million tonnes of Urea each year, and that the Fertiliser complex is made up of both Ammonia and Urea plants.

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