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Experts identify Ignorance, and misconception as setbacks to adoption of renewable energy

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Energy experts has identified ignorance and misconception as major problems to the adoption of renewable energy in Nigeria.

This was disclosed during an interview with an engineer of solar energy, Ayo Adenigba, and Mrs Ruth Ifah, energy researcher at Nexgen Energy and Allied Services.

Adenigba emphasized for up-to-date information on technology and its possibilities in the deployment of renewable energy

He noted  that the country can achieve its sustainable development goals through renewable energy solutions.

According to him, the solar alternative compliments the grid supply, this providing an opportunity for  electrically powered business operations to continue regardless of grid failure.

The expert called on the government at all levels to ease transportation of products for renewable energy service providers in the country.

Meanwhile, Mrs Ruth Ifah stated that the initial cost or capital and the inadequate knowledge or awareness of the value of renewable energy on the long run are the two major factors considered by people.

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