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Experts Not Comfortable With Nigeria's Budget

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It appears the issues with Nigeria's 2019 budget will continue to be a major source of debate from different quarters of the country.

Recently, during the 2019 budget seminar of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria , experts made known their displeasure with the budget.

According to them, there is a need to begin focusing more on what's going on at sub-national levels rather than always looking at the federal plan. This is because, the federal plan does little to ensure the needed development.

They believed that we must begin paying attention to the household in the system if indeed the country seek to get successful.

One of the core purposes of the seminar was to see to how growth for economic and social transformations can be accelerated.

Speaking during the event, the President of the CITN , Cyril Ede , made known the organization's interest in stimulating discourse that would lead to better policy decisions by the government .

Also, Mr Femi Ademola added that there is the need to improve infrastructure if we desire seeing growth in our economy.

The Managing Director, Investment Banking , added that the government is not with enough financial resources to see to an increase in capital expenditure to improve public services.

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