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NCRIB lauds NAICOM on policy withdrawal

 Commissioner for Insurance
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Mr Shola Tinubu of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers ( NCRIB) is pleased with the Commissioner for Insurance - Alhaji Mohammed Kari - for taking steps to eradicate the guideline on State Insurance Producer (SIP ) policy .

Tinubu applauded the commission as an institution that listens and that continue to show their interest in seeing to the development of an industry that would contribute to the growth of the country's economy.

The act was done barely 24 hours after a successful meeting that comprises of top officials of NAICOM and Members of NCRIB.

According to Tunji, the act would further enhance their confidence in the leadership of the organization and that they have never let them down.

He stated how much they appreciate the management of NAICOM for their efforts in removing the guideline as it will bring the much needed progress and growth that the industry needs to get to another stage.

It was also added that they are doing all it takes to bring about discussions to bring about progress in deepening insurance penetration among the citizens of the country. This will see to more financial inclusion and will also make the issue of insurance have a wide acceptance as far as the country is concerning, as we see in other countries.

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