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Corruption responsible for poor econonomy- CACOL

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Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL) has lamented on the poor situation of the Nigerian economy.

This was said at the 2nd feedback session of the organisation held recently in Lagos.

The Executive Chairman, CACOL, Debo Adeniran during the session said that leadership in Nigeria has not created an enabling environment for citizenship to thrive, especially at the grassroot levels, so Nigerians have to play a role to help the system thrive and better our society.

According to him, the leadership collective permissiveness of minor graft creates an enabling environment for corruption to fester, resulting in a problem far more difficult to solve.

He blamed the poor economic performance on hierarchy corruption which government has negatively affected the Nigerian system

Adeniran urged Nigerians to come together to ensure that leadership in this country assume its responsibility, stressing that the country can only become better if we determine to work together as one.

He also noted that the process of governance in the country is not beneficial to the citizens of Nigeria, adding that there is a need to redesign the governance of the country in order to make the country a better place for both citizens and foreigners coming from other countries.

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