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More companies to fold up due to negligence to professional ethics

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Following the increase of unethical practices in corporate organisations across the country, stakeholders in the country have made it known that that more companies will collapse due to disregard to professional ethics and code of conduct.

This was made known during a review of  ‘ Scoping Survey and Analysis of The Ethics Framework in Nigeria ’ held recently by stakeholders in Lagos.

They stressed the need for critical intervention in order to maintain the ethics of corporate governance in the systems and to increase the life span of corporate organizations in the country.

Head, Technical Unit , Governance and Anti Corruption Reforms ( TUGAR ), Miss Lilian Ekeanyanwu  also said that  ethical violation  was a norm  in the public sector, private businesses , and among professionals in various fields of expertise in Nigeria .

She made it known that the reason for  these unethical conduct is  partly as a result of  inadequate systems to support effective deployment and implementation of ethics rules, adding that the rules are written down but not obeyed by the organizations.

Ekeanyanwu also expressed displeasure over the  difficulty of  fighting corruption in Nigeria  and blamed it on the absence of a strong focus on strengthening ethics .

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