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Nigeria, Others Spend Heavily On Importation Of Pharmaceutical Products

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Nigeria and other African countries must really get serious with the idea of producing pharmaceutical products themselves.

According to new reports, the continent currently spend a minimum of $ 14 billion to import these products needed by Africans.

The United Nation’ s Economic Commission for Africa ’ s (ECA ) Executive Secretary , Vera Songwe , made it known recently that African countries have no choice but to rely on foreigners due to lack of capacity in local products

The result, according to her, is that needed jobs are being exported to other countries.

Vera challenged Nigeria and others to stop exporting much - needed jobs to other continents and invest in its pharmaceutical industry instead.

By getting their acts together, Vera believes African governments will provide for its citizens and create jobs for its unemployed youth .

Speaking at the Africa Business Health Forum for 2019 , she said the continent could create millions of jobs if the public and private sectors are ready to work together and invest in the drugs industry .

Currently, Africans splash $ 14 billion to get pharmaceuticals products from other continents, she made it known.

Ms. Songwe admonished governments in Africa to collaborate with the private sector to ensure there is access to health by Africans.

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