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Vietnam, Hong Kong Seize Illegal Wildlife Items from Nigeria

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The Vietnamese Customs Service has recently seized over 2 , 500 kg of pangolin scales and 600 kg of ivory tusks from Nigeria, and the Federal Government reacted to the development by making known its decision to look closely into the matter.

According to the information released some hours ago, the  seized items emanated from the Apapa seaport in Lagos , Nigeria

Nigeria's Minister of Environment , Suleiman Zarma , told newsmen that the illegal products have high market value and some are even utilised as medicinal ingredients in Asia.

He stated that the ministry has started the process of investigation of the reported illegal trade and are working officially with the Vietnamese and Hong Kong CITES Management Authority.

Zarma said Nigeria is doing a lot of work in terms of wildlife conservation and it is unpleasant that the country was mentioned as the source of the items.

The minister believes the source could not have been Nigeria but somewhere else. He stated that pangolin were near extinction in this part of the world, and Nigeria can't currently provide such huge amount of Ivory.

The Minister confessed that the country is being used as a transit route for illegal wildlife trade, which has tarnished her image globally.

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