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Nigeria’s $25b remittances is highest in Africa Last Year

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WorldRemit has recently made it known that Nigeria is the largest remittance receiving country in the whole of Africa.

According to the online money transfer service, Nigerians abroad sent home a record $ 25 billion in 2018 alone.

It was revealed that as remittances continue to grow , female digitally- savvy citizens residing abroad are sending more cash to Nigeria. The implication of this is that contributions are being made to increase the country’ s development.

WorldRemit and Access Bank Nigeria are ready to celebrate the contribution Nigerian women abroad are making to the country. Their data have shown that more women are now embracing the technology of transferring money digitally through  WorldRemit within the last five years. It was stated that 37 per cent of WorldRemit ’ s customers sending money to the country are female

According to The United Nations, over 46 per cent of Nigerian migrants are female predominantly in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America .

Money sent from mothers and sisters residing abroad help a lot of of families in Nigeria cater for basic needs like healthcare and education .

Everyone hopes and expects that the trend will keep getting better and better as the days goes by.

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