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DPR Says No To Home Delivery Of LPG

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The Department of Petroleum Resources has recently made it known to the general public that the popular delivery of Liquefied Petroleum Gas directly to consumers in their homes is  not appropriate.

The agency said the act defies environment and safety rules and is not legal.

According to them, supplying LPG, popularly known as cooking gas, directly to consumers is susceptible to explosion. This is because those that undertake such acts cannot guarantee the presence of some things that can triggers accident, such as fire.

Speaking at a gathering of the Ibadan Chapter of the Nigerian Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers,Yemi Olaonipekun addressed the main area of discourse, which is “ Promoting a Sustainable Environmental for Best Practices in LPG Marketing"

Mr Yemi, who is The Operations Controller of the Ibadan Office, made known how worried the agency has been about the proliferation of LPG plants.

He note that on numerous occasions, safety and standards were being compromised.

Also present at the seminar were members of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, who dropped hints of how the department might persecute those who undertake cylinder - to - cylinder transfer of cooking gas.

Those that markets the product also talked about the Valued Added Taxes levied on LPG that were produced in Nigeria. They asked the government to take away such levy if the industry would grow.

The importation of the product was contended, and it is believed such moneys should have been utilised for much better things in the country.

A member stressed out the need to engage the federal government to formulate policies that will cut off the need to import gas into Nigeria from other countries.

According to him, the industry is becoming so superb and it is necessary to leverage on the various interest along the value chain of the product.

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