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FIIRO Showcase New Technology To Help In Industrial Sweeteners Extraction

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The Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi has taken some important steps to see to the reduction in the importation of some of the sweeteners that are being used for industrial production.

The organization has developed technologies for commercial extraction and optimization of high grade Thaumatin and Miraculin.

Speaking about the activities, the Director- General of FIIRO, Gloria Elemo, made it known that the step was necessary because global high intensity sweetener market was estimated to be about to $1 .3b some years ago, and is poised to skyrocket few years from now.

She noted this at the “Harnessing of the economic potentials of Thaumatin ( Thaumatococcus danielli ) in Africa"  conference that is based on discussing alternative sweeteners.

Elemo made it known that focus is drifting to alternative sweeteners mainly non - nutritive phyto chemicals from plants so as to close the distance that separates the production and consumption of sweeteners and flavour enhancers .

It was also added that in Nigeria, there is a big gap betweent the production of sugar and it consumption, and that it is actually an important issue since it is estimated that a quantity of 2 . 5 million tonnes will need to be shipped into the country to meet local demand .

Elemo also complained that virtually all the commercially available sweeteners for industrial and domestic use in the country are shipped from elsewhere. She emphasized that the commercial sweeteners sugar like saccharin and acesulfame K have unpleasant health implications.

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