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Hard work and dedication responsible for our growth – CEO

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The CEO of Eat ‘N’ Go Limited believes the firm was able to achieve great success in Nigeria because of hard work and commitment of its workers.

While speaking recently during the company's 2018 Gala night, Mr Patrick McMichael made it known that their 2019 projection has started with a leadership rally discussing their outlook for the year.

According to him, the organization had got things rolling already, after various in-house promotions last year. He added that the management are very concerned about the growth of their employees - and that is why they ensured they put in place different trainings meant to see to their developments, as well as competitions to keep them on their toes.

The company have established some new stores and have redesigned their brands. And the Chief Executive Officer also stated that they have employed over 2000 people in Nigeria to increase the company's manpower.

Patrick also revealed that in a bid to encourage their workers to be more dedicated, they have promoted a lot of personnels to better ranks. He stated that 100 individuals became general managers, and 300 others were promoted to another level. According to Mr McMicheal, this is a nice way to motivate their workers as they look forward to more promotions this new year.

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