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More businesses re-open for new year in Edo State

Edo State Governor 
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More businesses are kicking off business activities for the New Year in Edo State, and their owners are trusting  to achieve greater exploits in 2019.

Edo State has recently experienced various reforms under the governor - Mr Godwin Obaseki - in his attempt to make the region a place conducive for business.

Speaking recently to some pressmen, some business owners in the state capital made it known that they trust for a prosperous year ahead following the removal of illegal revenue collectors from the region. Additionally, they appear to be pleased with how security have been enhanced as the government took several steps to safeguard lives and properties in the state.

Some shop owners stated that they now enjoy running their businesses and are happy with the sanity under the new government. They are also pleased with the fact that the governor still have a lot of things on his shelves.

Obviously, good electricity will enable business people to see a rise in their scale of production, they can employ a lot of people and even pay their taxes comfortablly. So, it is glaring that everyone will benefit from the government's acts of putting in place initiatives that will see a boom in businesses operating in the state.

It was also made known that governor Obaseki is ready to put in place solar-power facility in markets in Edo State before the end of the year.

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