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World Bank President Resigns Before End Of His Term

Jim Yong Kim 
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Jim Yong Kim has resigned as the president of the World Bank despite that his term was meant to last till 2022.

He is expected to eventually vacate the seat on the first day of next month.

Although the organization is yet to give a lot of details about the new development, the 59-year-old made known his intention to join another institution as soon as possible.

In the statement he released, Kim revealed how honoured he had been to serve as the president of the World Bank, and he also hailed the workers as people who are passionate about eradicating poverty in the world.

The South Korean is now set to join a firm that will see him focus on increasing infrastructure in developing countries .

He is a physician and an anthropologist who was raised in USA. He had worked at some influential organizations including the prestigious Harvard University and the World Health Organization ( WHO ). Before becoming a chief at the World Bank, Kim was the President of Dartmouth College.

He has served as president of the bank since 2012 and was re - elected in 2017.

It was made known that Kristalina Georgieva will take up the role of interim president when Kim finally evacuate the office.

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