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Buhari approves Competition and Consumer Protection bill

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The director general of the Consumer Protection Council CPC, Babatunde Irukera, has said that consumers of goods and services in the country will enjoy a more robust protection from unwholesome products and services.

The director said this is as a result of President Mohammadu Buhari approval to Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Bill, thereby making it the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2019.

He also went ahead to promised that the Consumer Protection Council will make use of this new law, and any other enactment in order to achieve protection, fair treatment and respect for Nigerian consumers.  

According to him, this new law will  futher encourage and support small and medium scale businesses by ensuring a playing field that eliminates entry barriers and operational obstacles which prevent sustainability and profitability.

He appluaded  the Federal Government for creating an  efficient and transparent framework for meaningful and credible disposition of public enterprises, expanding economic growth and assuring shared prosperity.

The director also stressed the need for a vibrant and a very sound competition framework adding that this will help to reduce poverty, create favourable environment for business to thrive,  increase the value for money, and  ensure that  consumers are satisfied from the product purchased.

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