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Conservationists Want FG To Secure Nigeria's wildlife

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Some messages have been sent to the Federal Government to do more in terms of securing the country's wildlife.

Wildlife tourism stakeholders have recently made known their desires to the Government, challenging the authorities to make more efforts to protect wildlife in the country, especially pangolin .
According to them, the decision is crucial because  illicit wildlife trade had rapidly increased in the country in recent times.

The group sent the message across during the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and Pangolin Conservation Working Group of Nigeria ’ s event held to commemorate the World Pangolin Day 2019 that goes with the theme 'Pangolin and Politics ’ .

According to Dr Olajumoke Morenikeji , who is the Chair of the PCWGN as well as the keynote speaker at the event, the country would keep on losing its endangered species to poachers and other enemies of the wildlife if the government failed to take the necessary steps.

She stressed out the need to see to the enlightenment of the local poachers and give them the necessary education that can prompt them to seek alternative sources of living .

Professing solutions, Morenikeji thinks it's an amiable idea to teach local poachers how to raise grass - cutters from where they can get money to take care of themselves and their families.

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