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Buhari Admonished To Make Important Policies To Settle Inefficiencies

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Nigerian president Mr Muhammadu Buhari has been admonished to adopt a private sector growth approach and make things better in the system.

According to Augusto & Co ,  there are limits to government ’ s efforts in stimulating growth and creating jobs in the country.

The rating agency , in a report they titled: ‘ Buhari Version II (2019 — 2023 ): Economic Perspectives , ’ made it known that the country cannot ignore reforms without unpleasant effects consequences that could last an entire generation , so must take reasonable decisions to put things aright.

The President was encouraged to improve efficiencies in the economy by concessioning important infrastructure, and eradicate monopolies of state - owned enterprises in important sectors such as rail, electricity, aviation and so on.

The organization stated that the country is in “ a dire fiscal strait and the numbers are quite grim, ” and that despite the pleasant spin about Nigeria ’ s benign debt- to - Gross Domestic Product (GDP ) currently around 20 per cent.

Agusto & Co also said that Mr Muhammadu in his second term would have to work to raise money, while also restructuring government spending.

According to them, steps like this might be politically unpopular but are necessary.

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