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Jojo Siwa: The Girl Who Capitalized On Attention To Build A Business Empire

There is a young American girl known as JoJo Siwa, and her story is quite exciting. She started on a reality show in America known as Dance Moms with her mum (with her mum Jessalynn).

So, this little girl was able to use the attention she got from this show to emerge into stardom!

Jojo is quite young, but interesting. The young teenager dances, sings, and she has two YouTube channels!

The interesting thing is, she has utilised all these to build a brand that is worth millions of dollars.

She is an inspiration, because many reality stars have come and gone. Many reality stars were known just for a little while, before they leave the scenes, and people won't hear from them again.

Interestingly, there are some reality stars who take steps to capitalize their initial fame to sell some products on social media. Unfortunately, after some time, people forget them, and they won't be relevant again.

But this young girl's narrative is different!

Despite being young, she has a vision, and she keeps working to achieve her dreams. Jojo Siwa obviously is a big dreamer who pictured herself going beyond a reality star.

Meeting The Right Person Early Enough

Jojo Siwa also has people that helped her and her career. One of them was her manager, known as Caryn Sterling.

They met quite early, and she shared the same vision with Jojo early in her career.

Talking about her, Jojo said Caryn has a jewelry line, and decide to partner with her to promote her product.

"This is when I was on Dance Moms. She said, ‘I want to fly to Vegas and meet you.’ So, she came and watched my performance and said, ‘I want to manage you. I’ve never done this before but you are supposed to be a star. So, tell me what you want and I’ll get it for you.’ I told her and it was a huge goal. And she just said, ‘Let’s make this happen.’”

In the early stages, while still contemplating on which big brand to partner with (several companies actually wanted to partner with her), Nickelodeon was eventually chosen.

According to her, “There’s something cool about Nickelodeon and I wouldn’t change it for the world. That’s where I’m supposed to be.”

Jojo signed the deal when she was just 13.


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